Swift Liquidity in Action: Duckfund's Role in Securing 14 Premium Properties for Deraaff Capital


In the fast-paced world of real estate, securing attractive properties requires swift action and assured liquidity. A prominent real estate investor firm - Deraaff Capital - was poised to finalize a major deal encompassing 14 premium properties. The challenge? They needed liquidity ASAP to seal the deal.


Deraaff Capital
14 LLCs
Escrow Agent:
Langdon Title Agency
Soft deposit provider:
Legal advisor:
Mizrahi Legal

The Challenge:

The investor firm had its sights set on acquisitions from various sellers, each with appealing properties spread across different locations. Besides the sheer volume of properties, the primary challenge was the tight timeline in which the deal had to be locked down.

The Solution:

Duckfund stepped in, promptly offering soft deposit financing tailored to the investor firm's needs. This immediate liquidity solution allowed the firm to swiftly close the deal, minimizing potential delays and complications. Besides swift financing, Duckfund's call option agreement fortified the transaction's security and adaptability. This granted the investor firm the choice to either acquire the newly formed LLC, which had signed the PSA or, if potential issues arose during the due diligence phase, to gracefully exit the deal without incurring any fees.

Deal Breakdown:

Properties Acquired:
14 premium addresses spread across different areas
Total Purchase Price:
Soft deposit term:
30 days
Soft Deposit:
$50,000, swiftly provided by Duckfund.

Timeline of the deal:


  • $400 LLC registration expenses

  • 2% monthly option premium

Signed documents:

  1. Escrow agreement
    Signed by: Deraaff, Glassboro Owner, Langdon

  2. Option agreement
    Signed by: Deraaff, Duckfund

  3. Purchase facilitation agreement
    Signed by: Deraaff, Duckfund

  4. Contract of Sale (PSA)
    Signed by: Glassboro Owner, Sellers

Key Benefits of Partnering with Duckfund:

Swift Turnaround:

The investor firm had liquidity 24 hours after PSA execution, enabling them to promptly secure the properties for due diligence

Risk-Free Process:

Thanks to Duckfund’s call option agreement, the transaction was not only quick but also risk-free for the investor firm.

Multiple Deals at Once:

Duckfund’s capacity to handle several transactions simultaneously ensured that all 14 properties were dealt with in tandem.


Samuel Weiner & the Langdon Title team referred DuckFund to one of their trusted clients to provide a soft deposit for their purchase. Duckfund was excellent to communicate with and both Langdon & the client had a great experience working with them. We highly suggest using them for all your deposit needs!

Samuel Weiner
Langdon Title, Vice President, Business Development

Anna and Duckfund team was wonderful. I am an attorney who has dealt with Duckfund on a number of transactions and my clients have enjoyed the products and process they offer. Looking forward to many more deals together.

Evan Mizrahi
Mizrahi Legal PLLC


In real estate, the early bird catches the worm. With Duckfund's top-notch soft deposit service, the investor firm quickly and securely locked down 14 premium properties. This case underscores Duckfund’s promise of speed, security, and reliability in the soft deposit domain.

For more insights on how Duckfund can streamline your real estate ventures, don’t hesitate to connect. Together, we can redefine the landscape of real estate transactions!