Seizing the Opportunity: How Duckfund Enabled Chris Sava to Quickly Secure 32 Wilson Road for Flipping


In the fast-paced world of real estate transactions, swift liquidity and security are essential. Chris Sava, a private investor, sought to purchase for flipping a property located at 32 Wilson Road,  with a total purchase price of $725,000. His challenge? He needed immediate liquidity to secure this promising property portfolio.


Chris Sava
Kimberly L. Major
Title Company:
Cambridge Trust Company
Escrow Agent:
Carey & Giampa Realtors

The Challenge:

A $25,000 soft deposit with a 30-day deposit term was required. Chris needed a swift and secure financing solution to seize this property flipping opportunity.

The Solution:

Duckfund's soft deposit financing ensured Chris had the liquidity needed to secure his desired property portfolio without delay. Additionally, Duckfund's option premium and call option agreement reduced transaction risks, offering a secure and adaptable process for the buyer.

Deal Breakdown:

Soft deposit term:
30 days
Soft deposit size:
$25,000, swiftly provided by Duckfund.
Total Purchase Price:

Timeline of the deal:


  • $1,300 LLC registration expenses

  • $500 option premium

Signed documents:

  1. Option agreement
    Signed by: Chris, Duckfund

  2. Purchase facilitation agreement
    Signed by: Chris, Duckfund

  3. Contract of Sale (PSA)
    Signed by: 32 Wilson Road LLC, Kimberly L. Major

Key Benefits of Partnering with Duckfund:

Swift Turnaround:

The investor quickly had liquidity, enabling him to promptly secure the properties for due diligence.

Risk-Free Process:

Thanks to Duckfund’s call option agreement, the transaction was not only quick but also risk-free for the investor.


Anna and Duckfund team are fantastic. Earnest money deposit funding is a must for someone like myself who looks for raw land to entitle and develop. Also, their technology approach is refreshing. The commercial lending space needs innovation. They will be a key partner in my deals moving forward

Chris Sava
RE Investor


In the competitive world of real estate, swift action is often the key to success. Investor successfully secured a property with Duckfund's efficient soft deposit service. This case illustrates Duckfund's commitment to providing speed, security, and reliability in soft deposit transactions, making it a valuable partner in the real estate industry.

For more insights on how Duckfund can streamline your real estate ventures, don’t hesitate to connect. Together, we can redefine the landscape of real estate transactions!