6 Proven Title Company Marketing Ideas to Unlock More Sales

Wondering how to get your title company’s name in front of new customers? Look no further.

In a crowded real estate market, coming up with the right title company marketing ideas is set to become even more important in 2024.

When it comes to insurance, in particular, the top five biggest companies cover 91% of the title insurance industry, according to research from Gitnux, a leading market research website.

With your company most likely being one of the rest, it leaves you with an uphill task when it comes to claiming your share of the remaining nine percent, including:

  • Coming up with title company marketing ideas that generate organic leads in a competitive industry
  • Keeping existing marketing strategies relevant in a fast-paced market
  • Converting the leads that you do into cast-iron sales.

Source: Gitnux

The good news is that adjusting marketing strategies, rather than overhauling them, can allow your title agency to score plenty of small wins to boost its bottom line.

From video content to befriending real estate businesses, read on for 6 marketing ideas for title companies that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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6 title company marketing ideas that can help you boost profit

Going up against rivals with a bigger budget and sales team is a daunting task, so it pays to get clever with your marketing campaign.

Using proven title company marketing ideas is a little like using a cheat code. You don’t need bundles of cash to make it work, just a healthy dose of initiative can help you shine through to your target audience.

So how can you better grow your title marketing company? Try adding these six tasks to your marketing plan. They won’t cost the earth but may end up boosting your profit margins considerably.

1. Build personal connections through social media marketing

Every company is on social media nowadays, but how you use it is key.

Big title industry players might have a huge follower base, but do they interact with it? Many of them simply use their platforms to announce new promotions without taking the time to respond to queries or build a community spirit within their network.

Big mistake. As CEO of sales experts Marketing Nutz, Pam Moore, puts it “Social media is not a one-way megaphone blasting your message out to the world. It’s a conversation”.

title company marketing ideas

This is where your company can win over new customers.

Make sure you or your team respond to customer comments on each post or story. Try to educate or be helpful with every message: it’s amazing how little it takes for people to feel a personal connection with your company over another.

Interactive content, like quizzes and polls, helps build relationships.  A quiz titled "Are You Title Savvy?", for example, can include questions about the title process, and participants might share their scores, fostering a sense of community and encouraging others to participate.

The key is to create a two-way conversation, offering value to followers while also building your company’s position as a trusted expert.

2. Upgrade your content marketing efforts

Creating content may not be one of the most obvious marketing ideas for title loan companies, but it can be very effective when done well.

We already know that most title insurance customers search for information before making a buying decision, and content marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective ways of giving it to them.

This is a broad field, encompassing a wide variety of media, from social media to podcasts, but just a tweak in each area can get you big results. Here are some examples.

Video content

Heard of how a picture tells a thousand words? Well, video marketing is today’s equivalent, giving you the chance to condense reams of information about your company into an engaging video clip that you can easily share across all your networks.

Video marketing, aided by platforms like TikTok, is on the up, too, and appeals to both B2C and B2B audiences.


Blogs can become powerful inbound marketing tools that allow you to share your expertise, improve SEO, and promote other company-related content via links and social sharing.

Tools like WordPress specialize in getting your content online quickly and ranking in search engine results.

Website landing pages and product pages

The base for building an online presence, your website is a content hub that showcases your blogs, testimonials, and product guides.

You can also optimize for SEO here by incorporating relevant keywords, creating compelling meta descriptions and a smooth, efficient design.

Email newsletters

Newsletters reach out to new audiences as well as help retain existing customers.

Collect customer emails to share updates on new products and services, and build a dedicated subscriber list with valuable content.

Of all these marketing tips, content marketing is perhaps the most difficult to get right, but it has the potential to generate huge returns for your business.


Finally, talking about important subjects – such as how to protect your title – with in-depth ebook guides is a great way to draw in more qualified leads.

We recommend producing a series of ebook guides like this to advertise on Linkedin or other social media platforms for the purpose of generating leads.

3. Collect testimonials and display them where people can see them

Reviews and testimonials have been a key source of new business since the dawn of the commercial era and they still hold strong today. They’re often the first thing we seek out when researching new companies.

This is especially true for the title insurance industry, where trust and credibility play pivotal roles thanks to the finances at stake in real estate transactions.

You must display positive reviews where people can see them; on your homepage, your LinkedIn page, and marketing materials, and use optimized meta data so that they rank on Google. Appearing on popular review sites and apps such as Yelp is also key.

Two-thirds of real estate customers rate Google and Yelp as their most trusted review platforms, according to data from marketing experts Brightlocal.

The popularity of Google and Yelp in the real estate industry

Source: Brightlocal

Not using positive customer experiences in this way puts you at risk of falling behind rivals who do use them.

After all, which would you choose? A company with five-star reviews, or one that no one else vouches for?

4. Become a thought leader by providing educational materials

A large section of your target audience is seeking answers to common title-related questions, such as how to find the right commercial properties or how to avoid title theft.

This is your chance to step in and provide them with the answers before your rivals. Make sure your marketing content (such as ebooks, social media posts, blogs, and newsletters) has an educational theme.

Webinars and Q&A sessions are also ideal for building two-way discussions. You could address customer fears about scams and losing deals to slow home-buying processes. You can also position your company as a safe and efficient alternative to these, and demonstrate how you would help close deals quickly.

Making yourself an educator not a marketer is a great way to become an authoritative source that potential clients can trust.

5. Befriend realtors

Realtors are interested in one thing: closing more deals faster.

If you can convince them that your company will help them do this, then you’re on the way to building extremely useful connections that can supply you with a steady stream of referrals.

The real estate market is built on these, with 82% of transactions coming from word-of-mouth and repeat business, according to research from RIS Media.

Collaborating with real estate agents also gives you the chance to create co-branded materials and events. Imagine having your company as the go-to title agent at a real estate industry event: you’ll get the chance to use the realtor’s reputation to promote your business.

6. Partner with an earnest money financing company

It’s not just real estate professionals who have first-hand access to your potential clients, but also real estate lenders.

Earnest money lenders are often the first point of contact for real estate transactions, as commercial investors and home buyers demonstrate their commitment by placing soft deposits.

These lenders guide the buyer through the initial stages of a property purchase, such as by explaining how earnest money works, so they naturally become a trusted source of recommendations. If you can team up with them, then you get access to a pre-qualified pool of clients.

Yet, many of these lenders use outdated methods which can hold up, or even ruin property deals in a competitive market.

Duckfund is a CRE earnest money lender that has worked to eliminate this risk.

By using a ‘sign-now-pay-later’ model, Duckfund helps CRE investors close deals fast. Unlike traditional methods, Duckfund works with title insurance companies like yours to secure property within 48 hours, eliminating the need for immediate personal buyer funds and allowing investors to work on multiple deals simultaneously.

Working with Duckfund may be the game-changing title company marketing idea your business is looking for. Via our cross-lead generation program, you can:

  • Offer your clients a new way to fund their earnest money deposits
  • Earn commission from each transaction you refer
  • Get new clients that Duckfund refers to you for the title insurance side of the deal.

Fast, secure, and inexpensive, Duckfund has helped scores of investors secure real estate deals with this model, including Deraaff Capital which recently nailed down 14 properties worth $10.3 million in just 48 hours.

Grow your title insurance company in a competitive market with Duckfund’s two-way referral program ‒ because success in real estate is a collaborative journey, not a solo act.

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